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Careers & Partnerships

Do you have a passion for Energy & Sustainability?



We are looking for people who dare to imagine a future in which companies, governments and individuals respect, honour and protect the planet that we live in. 

This includes:
- Engineers (Energy, Mechanical, Electrical) 
- Business Developers
- Sustainability Experts
- Marketers

We're excited about forming mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals and look forward to hearing from you. 

Send us an email: at




If you're already part of an honest organization working towards energy efficiency and sustainability, we would like to connect.

We have a transparent and open partnership model where we can share our expertise, technology and solutions to provide benefits for your business and/or clients. In turn, we are also happy to add your company to our supplier list so that when customers need an innovative solution, your company can be presented. 

We encourage companies with innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems to connect with us. 

We've partnered with: 
- Trade Associations
- Engineering Consultants
- Software and Tech. Companies
- HVAC & Electrical Contractors
- Commodity Management Firms
And many more... 

Send us an email: at