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Reducing Energy Waste & Cost: Exploring Solutions at E2F Systems Event

This morning, brace yourselves for an exciting and collaborative event brought to you by E2F Systems. We take immense pride in hosting this event, which is in partnership with Invest Windsor-Essex, the Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM), and Automate Canada. 

At this event, we are thrilled to highlight the significance of systems integration and present tailored solutions that cater to our target audience. Through engaging case studies, we will demonstrate the value of each distinct project and delve into the three primary topics.

The lineup showcases esteemed experts in the field of Energy and Mold Making, which includes our very own Plamen Notov, COO at E2F Systems, alongside a group of accomplished individuals:

Josh Lewis, VP of Energy Engineering at Nerva Energy and recipient of the Association of Energy Engineers prestigious "Innovator of the Year" award. 

Bill Hartwick, a seasoned expert in machining and manufacturing with over four decades of hands-on experience, serves as the Business Director at Filter Specialties.

Luke Shantz, the visionary President of Arcadian Projects, has successfully established a remarkable and versatile company specializing in multiple trades. As a leading provider of large-scale PV, battery storage, cogeneration, and various other energy efficiency and green-tech solutions, Luke brings unparalleled expertise to the table.

The main case studies we will cover include: 

30% heating and cooling cost reduction with HVAC optimization
Cutting up to 50% of energy costs with motor retrofits on injection molding machines
How to determine if a solar energy project will benefit your company




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